Chromatic Deduction

The natural temporal order of the films below has been, for your enjoyment, rearranged into various color-sorted eye-goozing temporal orders. Please do enjoy. With gratitude, Carmichael.

Notes on Sorting Methods

Hue - sort colors by their hue value in hsl color space, secondary sort by saturation when colors have equal hue values, and lightness if colors have equal saturation and hue values.

HuePlus - create a weighted number from a color’s hsl representation as follows: "hue + saturation * 2 + lightness * 0.5", and then sort by that number.

Step - equivalent to hue sorting, but uses luminosity as the first secondary sort parameter, and inverts the luminosity of every other hue section to achieve a continuous-appearing spectrum.

Color Distance - similar-ish to HuePlus, create a weighted number from color's hsl representation with a heavy balance on hue and a zero-weight applied to saturation. Uses the difference in this number between colors to measure distance and sort.

Hilbert - use color's rgb values as xyz coordinates and transform them to a single point on a Hilbert Curve and sort by that point :)

Lots of one-way help from Alan Z with color sorting. You can read more details about some of the methods here.

made by Carmichael Payamps
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